This deck can no longer be used in the metagame due to Hall of Fame restrictions.

Altgear Reincarnation
転生オルテギア (Tensei Orutegia)
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Altgear Reincarnation is a Reincarnation for no cost deck type.


It utilizes Transmogrify (Reincarnation Program) to get Altgear, Spirit of Holy Weaponry in the Battle zone quickly and to generate and cross any powerful cross gear to it quickly.

Altgear, Spirit of Holy Weaponry is used mainly in combination with Bajula's Soul or Patrial Flame to either get a Triple Breaker while destroying two mana while attacking or a 6000 powered untouchable creature on fourth turn.

The ideal progression of the deck being a possible Pulpy Goobie or Aqua Strummer on third turn. Rearranging cards in the order of Cross gears such that Altgear can be searched out by Transmogrify next turn. Deck may also be rearranged in such a way that one of those needed Cross Gears are dropped in grave by Transmogrify's effect.

In an actual duel, the combo itself is very effective, and can in most cases decide the outcome of the duel. But on the contrary, the deck building is somewhat difficult.

  • Pharzi, the Oracle can be used to recover the Transmogrify from grave just to use it again. 
  • If needed Synapse Cube may be used so as to fetch the gameplay better.
  • With the restrictions of Transmogrify, the deck itself was left very weakened, however Logic Circle can be used to offset this. To search through shields Variable Poker may be used.
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