Alternate Win
エクストラウィン (Ekusutora U~in)
Japanese Wiki: 2637
Category for Alternate Win Condition.

Alternate Win is a term given to cards that can grant an alternate way to win the game.


These abilities allow you to win in other ways than attacking your opponent directly or your opponent running out of cards to draw.

Ultimate Galaxy Universe

Light / Evolution Creature / Phoenix / 5 / 17000

■ Evolution—Put on one of your Phoenixes.

■ Meteorburn—Whenever this creature attacks, you may put the bottommost card under this creature into your graveyard. When you put a Phoenix into your graveyard in this way and there are no more cards under this creature, you win the game.

■ Triple breaker (This creature breaks 3 shields.)

Alephtina, Spiritual Princess

Light / Creature / Mecha Del Sol + Arc Seraphim / 4 / 8000

■ This creature costs 1 more to summon for each of your shields.

■ Whenever your opponent's creatures attack you for the first time in a turn and you have no shields, add the top card of your deck to your shields face down.

■ If you have 10 or more shields, you win the game.

■ Double breaker (This creature breaks 2 shields.)

This is a list of cards with alternate win conditions;

While they are commonly found in Light and Water civilizations, there are none in the Darkness Civilization.

They are a way to win a game without fear of reversal, but in exchange they can be very difficult to trigger.

Due to how some are triggered abilities, Diehard Ryusei of Invincibility can be used to prevent them from winning the game.

Due to their triggering conditions, they are often seen as a form of Overkill. However, Ultimate Galaxy Universe, Alephtina, Spiritual Princess, Codename iFormulaX, Dueland, Transformation of Dreams, Shakogairu, Water Academy No. 9 and Jolly the Johnny Joe decks have appeared in the metagame. Additionally, in some way Jokers decks use Jolly the Johnny as a way of winning and bypassing Revolution 0 Triggers.

List of Extra Win decks