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*This card can be evolved on the following low cost Angel Command creatures;
*This card can be evolved on the following low cost Angel Command creatures;
|-|Mana Cost 4={{DPLCat4|Cat1=Angel Command|Cat2=Mana Cost 4|Cat3=Creature}}
|-|Mana Cost 4={{DPL|Cat1=Angel Command|Cat2=Mana Cost 4|Cat3=Creature}}
|-|Mana Cost 5={{DPLCat4|Cat1=Angel Command|Cat2=Mana Cost 5|Cat3=Creature}}
|-|Mana Cost 5={{DPL|Cat1=Angel Command|Cat2=Mana Cost 5|Cat3=Creature}}
|-|Mana Cost 6={{DPLCat4|Cat1=Angel Command|Cat2=Mana Cost 6|Cat3=Creature}}
|-|Mana Cost 6={{DPL|Cat1=Angel Command|Cat2=Mana Cost 6|Cat3=Creature}}
|-|Mana Cost 7={{DPLCat4|Cat1=Angel Command|Cat2=Mana Cost 7|Cat3=Creature}}
|-|Mana Cost 7={{DPL|Cat1=Angel Command|Cat2=Mana Cost 7|Cat3=Creature}}
|-|Mana Cost 8={{DPLCat4|Cat1=Angel Command|Cat2=Mana Cost 8|Cat3=Creature}}
|-|Mana Cost 8={{DPL|Cat1=Angel Command|Cat2=Mana Cost 8|Cat3=Creature}}
|-|Mana Cost 9={{DPLCat4|Cat1=Angel Command|Cat2=Mana Cost 9|Cat3=Creature}}
|-|Mana Cost 9={{DPL|Cat1=Angel Command|Cat2=Mana Cost 9|Cat3=Creature}}

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  • This card can be evolved on the following low cost Angel Command creatures;

 ■ Aines Gazelle, Spirit of Dashing Wind
 ■ Amakusa, Izanai's Spirit
 ■ Amnis, Holy Elemental
 ■ Codename Buffer Lodeole
 ■ Codename Oraora Leone
 ■ Codename Oreore Lionel
 ■ Codename Orewaleo
 ■ Codenight Black of Lionel
 ■ Codenight Bouquet Toss
 ■ Codenight Engage Ring Double Cross
 ■ Codenight Last Propose
 ■ Codenight Oreore Darkness
 ■ Diamond Aven, Spirit of Awakening
 ■ Electraglide, Fallen Left God
 ■ Fortain, Spirit of Iridescence
 ■ Funk Clap Rhapsody of Hope
 ■ Gabriella, Holy Princess
 ■ Gaius, Mystic Light Emperor
 ■ Hajime Syacho, Hundred Beast World Explorer
 ■ Hanusa, Radiance Elemental
 ■ Hero Beckham Z
 ■ Justice, Lord of Spirits Left God
 ■ Kilstine, Nebula Elemental
 ■ King Surprise, Spirit of the Heavenly Sea
 ■ Lagnashia, Spirit of Revelation
 ■ Nakatsumaki, Spirit of Godly Guns
 ■ Orbis, Cloud Elemental Q
 ■ Osso Leone, Scare Spirit
 ■ Perfect Galaxy, Spirit of Immortality
 ■ Phal Ken, Spirit of Binding Light
 ■ Proteus, Spirit of Holy Force
 ■ Rhapsody, Golden Fighter
 ■ Rising Sun, Holy Evil Elemental
 ■ Sun's Creed, Spirit of Revelation
 ■ Syforce, Aurora Elemental
 ■ Toughguy Pelnyar, Spirit of Heaven Attack
 ■ Truename Lalala Lionel
 ■ Truename Orekoso Foxstar
 ■ Truename Tiger Legend
 ■ Ulpheus, Dragonic Spirit
 ■ Ulpheus, Dragonic Spirit / Heaven Impact
 ■ Una Arana, Neptune Spirit
 ■ Whitey Lion, Spirit of Whiteness
 ■ Wisdompheus, Dragonic Spirit
 ■ Zexy, Fallen Angel of Confession

Alphadios, Lord of Spirits
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