Allied Civilization
友好色ゆうこうしょく (Yūkō-iro)
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Allied Civilization is a term used for civilizations adjacent to each other in the civilization order.


The civilizations are arranged in a pentagon in a circular motion. They are ordered by

A civilization at the left and right side of a civilization is an allied civilization of that civilization. For example, Light is next to Water and Nature, so Water and Nature are the allies of Light. Allied civilizations share a synergy in beliefs and strategies and are in an alliance with each other. However, the concept is virtually nonexistent after the events of Phoenix Saga and in Episode 1, the Aliens unified all of their civilizations. In Dragon Saga, the concept does not exist.

Each of the first multicolored cards released between DM-10 to DM-12 were allied civilizations. This was followed by enemy civilization cards in the preceding DM-13 Eternal Phoenix set.

While inter civilization relationships are important before Phoenix Saga, during and after Phoenix Saga the relations rarely matter as different creatures from different civilizations cooperated with each other to deal with threats from the inside or outside.

List of Allied Civilizations

2 Color
(Both civilizations are allied with each other.)

3 Color
(One civilization is allied with the other 2.)

Civilizations of the Creature World
LightLight.png WaterWater.png DarknessDarkness.png FireFire.png NatureNature.png
Zero Zero.png Jokers J.png
2 Color Allied: LWLNWDDFFN
4 Color Light Water Darkness Fire
5 Color Light Water Darkness Fire Nature
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