All Yes discard
(Oru Iesu)
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All Yes discard is a creature control deck type.


It focuses on using Zamaru, Treasure of Darkness to discard and control the battle zone and your opponent's hand early in the game while attempting to rush into breaking shields.

Zamaru version

Recommended cards: Reason
Zamaru, Treasure of Darkness Core of the deck
Master Weapon - All Yes Core of the deck
Time Tripper, Shadow of Stagnation Stall
Jenny, the Dismantling Puppet Discard
Falconer, Lightfang Ninja Ninja strike defense
The Grave of Angels and Demons Powerful removal
Bloody Shadow, Mystic Light Death Knight Free blocker
Bega, Vizier of Shadow Defense and discard
Windmill Mutant Further discard
Tigernitro, Explosive Devil Massive Discard

LWD version

Recommended cards: Reason
Master Weapon - All Yes Core of the deck.
Yuppal, Binding Guardian Tap.
Pure Arial Shield trigger tap.
Gaga Pikarian Classic draw.
Sagrada Familia, Vizier of Instant Seal Anti shield trigger spells.
Mr. Aqua Blocker and anti-psychic defense.
Cebu Aquman Jr. Powerful draw.
Aqua Surfer Classic shield trigger bounce.
Mil Armor, Mecha King Vizier Spells' cost reduction
Falconer, Lightfang Ninja Protection.
Berlin, Bell Gravekeeper Anti discard.
The Grave of Angels and Demons Powerful removal.
Jenny, the Dismantling Puppet Powerful discard.
Lost Mind Torture Anti spell meta.
Batou Shoulder, Shadow of Fiction
Doterabara, Phantom Mirror
Anti spell meta.
Time Tripper, Shadow of Stagnation Tempo advantage.
Funk, Guard of Hope Anti-psychic meta.
Mestapo, the Patroller Stops Dondon Vacuuming Now.
Duema Ogre! Kikuchi, Assistant Instructor Stops Mana Acceleration and The Door of Miracle and Mystery.
Perfect Lily, Purity Devotee Tapping attacker that can't leave the battle zone unless its power is reduced.
Upheaval Hall of Fame pseudo mana burn spell.
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