Aku and Zen
アク (Aku) ゼン (Zen) サガ (Saga)
Released: DM-26 Dragonic Wars
Civilization(s): LightLight WaterWater
DarknessDarkness NatureNature
Race: God / Creator
Category for Saga.

Aku and Zen is a family of 2 God creatures.


Due to its civilizations of Water Darkness, Aku is considered to be the "Evil" God while Zen is the "Good" God with the Light Nature civilizations.

After they link together they are known as the "Ultimate Transcendence" (or "Akuzen") and aim to stop the conflict between the Good and Evil forces of the God Apex Saga.

While linked, they are the only God creature to consist of exactly 4 civilizations.

Saga, the Almighty Creator and Saga, God of Destruction were later released both with effects based around unlinking Aku and Zen for a powerful effect.

Despite the fact that the DMC-57 and DM-26/DMX-14 versions of these cards have different illustrations, they are still linkable due to their card names despite the mismatched artwork. This trait is shared with the God Link of Geki and Metsu .


After the resurrection of Ballom in his new Ballom Emperor, Lord of Demons form, the returned gods banded together to fight off the forces of the Darkness Civilization army. These gods included Aku and Zen.

List of Aku and Zen cards

DM-26 Dragonic Wars

DM-34+1S Cross Generation Plus One Super

DMC-57 The God Kingdom

DMEX-01 Duel Masters: Golden Best



Cards that support Aku and Zen

Support Card: Card Effect:
Saga, God of Destruction ■ When you put this creature into the battle zone, you may un-link one of your linked Gods in the battle zone that have the names Zen and Aku. If you do, each player puts all cards in his hand and mana zone into his deck and shuffles it.
Saga, the Almighty Creator ■ When you put this creature into the battle zone, you may un-link one of your linked God in the battle zone with the names Zen and Aku. If you do, search your deck. You may choose a card from it that has the name Violence Heaven, God Bringer, or God Saga. Shuffle your deck. Then you may cast the chosen spell for no cost.



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