Akashic Absolute Ruler
アカシック・オージャ (Akashikku Oja)
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Akashic Absolute Ruler is a combo deck type.


It uses Akashic Third, the Electro-Bandit to become a copy of Ken Geki, Absolute Ruler ~Final Flare~.

You can then use Immortal Blade or Lunar Kuroro to have Ken Geki attack your opponent's creatures which will have the slayer keyword, allowing you to trigger its Alternate Win ability.

How to Play

It aims to have a copy of Akashic Third transform into a copy of Ken Geki on your third turn, however it requires that the revealed card on the third turn is Ken Geki when you battle with Akashic.

Recommended cards

Recommended cards: Reason
Akashic Third, the Electro-Bandit Key card.
Ken Geki, Absolute Ruler ~Final Flare~ Finisher creature for Akashic to transform into.
Immortal Blade Use opponents creatures to trigger Alternate Win.
Lunar Kuroro Same as Immortal Blade.

Card Candidates

Recommended cards: Reason
Kuragen Put Ken Geki on the top of your deck.
No Dandy Leekio Graveyard recovery into the mana zone and top deck setting.
Synapse Cube
Guard Vision
Cheap deck arranging.
Tempest Baby Draw and put Ken Geki on top deck.
Pulpy Goobie
Aqua Strummer
Cyber P Goobie
Deck arranging creatures.
Xanatic X Force Battle to help the Extra Win.
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