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|-|Mana Cost 1={{DPLCat4|Cat1=Light|Cat2=Blocker|Cat3=Mana Cost 1|Cat4=Creature}}
|-|Mana Cost 1={{DPL|Cat1=Light|Cat2=Blocker|Cat3=Mana Cost 1|Cat4=Creature}}
|-|Mana Cost 2={{DPLCat4|Cat1=Light|Cat2=Blocker|Cat3=Mana Cost 2|Cat4=Creature}}
|-|Mana Cost 2={{DPL|Cat1=Light|Cat2=Blocker|Cat3=Mana Cost 2|Cat4=Creature}}
|-|Mana Cost 1={{DPLCat4|Cat1=Water|Cat2=Blocker|Cat3=Mana Cost 1|Cat4=Creature}}
|-|Mana Cost 1={{DPL|Cat1=Water|Cat2=Blocker|Cat3=Mana Cost 1|Cat4=Creature}}
|-|Mana Cost 2={{DPLCat4|Cat1=Water|Cat2=Blocker|Cat3=Mana Cost 2|Cat4=Creature}}
|-|Mana Cost 2={{DPL|Cat1=Water|Cat2=Blocker|Cat3=Mana Cost 2|Cat4=Creature}}
|-|Mana Cost 1={{DPLCat4|Cat1=Darkness|Cat2=Blocker|Cat3=Mana Cost 1|Cat4=Creature}}
|-|Mana Cost 1={{DPL|Cat1=Darkness|Cat2=Blocker|Cat3=Mana Cost 1|Cat4=Creature}}
|-|Mana Cost 2={{DPLCat4|Cat1=Darkness|Cat2=Blocker|Cat3=Mana Cost 2|Cat4=Creature}}
|-|Mana Cost 2={{DPL|Cat1=Darkness|Cat2=Blocker|Cat3=Mana Cost 2|Cat4=Creature}}

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  • This card can be evolved on the following low cost creatures;


 ■ Alkyne, Strange Stone
 ■ Belix, the Explorer
 ■ Belmol, the Explorer
 ■ Berlin, Bell Gravekeeper
 ■ Bloody Shadow, Mystic Light Death Knight
 ■ Burokuno Sabato Zett
 ■ Cotton, Deep Faith
 ■ Creis Dober, Barrier Guardian
 ■ Dellinder, Machine Admiral
 ■ Effex, Mecha Monk
 ■ El Kaiou, Spirit Mecha King
 ■ Emerald Grass
 ■ Firumie, Rescuing Wings
 ■ Gaga Tulken, the Oracle
 ■ Giovanni the 10th, Thunder Mecha King
 ■ Iocant, the Oracle
 ■ Jarly, Strange Stone / Sentimental Jarly
 ■ Kamenbi, Guardian of Concealed Blessing
 ■ Kigunashion, Pure White Wings
 ■ Krista, Guardian of the Valley
 ■ Malbol, Strange Stone
 ■ Mirac, Time Ball
 ■ Mitarashio, Strange Stone
 ■ Murmur, Apostle of the Formation
 ■ Notre Dame, Vizier of Illusion Shield
 ■ Okario, Play Music
 ■ Oriotis, Control Wings
 ■ Paruten, Sealed Grave / Third of the Six Bizarre ~Water with Will~
 ■ Rabbillion, Protection Spirit
 ■ Regi Pael, Purple Shrine Guardian
 ■ Revitalize Electric Soldier Energion
 ■ Rurero, Proof Technique Ball
 ■ Sanra, Sun Ball
 ■ Sarius, Vizier of Suppression
 ■ Shark Head, Guardian of Gaga
 ■ Shiny, Dragon Armored / Edge Spark
 ■ Shubil Punch, Strong Defense Mecha
 ■ Sir De Ashis, Mystic Light Mecha King
 ■ Sol Galla, Halo Guardian
 ■ Solario, the Patroller
 ■ Spice Queens, Inga's Holy Evil
 ■ Terse Ruth, Lightboom Guardian
 ■ Three Mitarasu Brothers, Dumpling Ball
 ■ Tigunus, Saint Bell Wings
 ■ Tirios, White Knight Oracle
 ■ Tumeric, Floating Apparition
 ■ Twill, Inga's Miko
 ■ Webius, the Patroller



Ail Magnus, Holy Emperor
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