Agatha Christie Gate
(Christie Gate)
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Agatha Christie Gate is a combo deck type.


It focuses on the combo between Christie Gate and Codefight Agatha Hercule in order to get Demon Commands out in the battle zone from the shields early.

Recommended cards

Recommended cards: Reason:
Christie Gate
Codefight Agatha Hercule
Cores of the deck.
Dying Message, Friction of Heaven Freezing
Codefight Alibi Trick
Codefight Misdirection
Pakulpan, Phantom Thief
Big Day Out, Holy Evil Demon
Auzesu, the Demonic Holy Spirit
Balforce, the Demonic Holy Spirit
Other candidates for Christie Gate.
Aqua Super Emeral
Hyperspatial White Blue Hole
Hyperspatial Green White Hole
Shield manipulation.
Prison Spark Defense and control.
Lifeplan Charger Creature search and Mana Acceleration.
Savage Earth Gets Demon Commands from the mana zone.
Ashliger, Holy Dark Beast Cost reducer for Demon Commands.
Hanzou, Menacing Phantom Classic ninja strike.
Thunder Blade, Wolf Tiger
Olzekia, General of Decapitation
Powerful removal.
Cheval, Temporal Demon Spirit Shield control.
Codedemon Ballom Mystery Additional finisher.

Other suggestions

Recommended cards: Reason:
Falconer, Lightfang Ninja Ninja Strike defense.
Katchikachi Itchikatchizu Unknown support.
Chief De Baula, Machine King of Mystic Light Spell recovery & blocker.
Phal Pierro, Apocalyptic Guardian Spell recovery & possible reanimation.
Variable Poker Shield manipulation.
Invincible Aura Can be cast via Agatha Hercule.
Hogan Blaster
Mystery Cube
Play Demon Commands for free.
Energy Stream
Aquan Jr.'s Delivery
Cebu Aquman Jr.
Marshall Queen Possible activation of Christie Gate.
Jenny, the Dismantling Puppet Certain discard.
Honenbe, Skeletal Guardian Graveyard supply and recovery.
Dulanzames, Jet-Black War Demon Gravity Zero requirements.
Gabriel XENOM, the Reaper King Grave supply, recovery and removal.
Bell Hell De Gaul, Footprint of the Reaper Play Demon Commands for free.
Destrozione, Knowledge Destroyer Discard, possible removal.
Inferno Sign Reanimation.
Death Gate, Gate of Hell Untapped removal and reanimation.
Faerie Life
Jasmine, Mist Faerie
Turn 2 mana acceleration.
Hustle Castle Powerful draw.
Global Navigation Untapped removal & mana recovery.
Gachinko Roulette Respammable mana acceleration.
Seventh Tower Powerful mana acceleration.
Evolution Burst - Into the Wild Same as above, possible removal.
Dancing Fever Same as above.
Skysword, the Savage Vizier Shield addition, mana acceleration.
Zeta-File, Zenith of "Mystery" Zenith finisher.
Codecommand Death Marriage Additional finisher.
Hyperspatial Shiny Hole
Hyperspatial Dravita Hole
Hyperspatial Revive Hole
Hyperspatial Guard Hole
Hyperspatial Raiden Hole
Hyperspatial spells.
Volg Thunder Mill finisher or graveyard supply.
Black Ganveet, Temporal Soldier Powerful removal.
Aqua Attack (BAGOOON Panzer) Additional draw.
Intense World! Shachihoko Kaiser Combo with Jasmine, Mist Faerie and Phal Pierro, Apocalyptic Guardian.
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