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アドバンテージ (Adobantēji)
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Advantage is a term for the difference of cards over your opponent in various zones.


It is commonly also known as "Ad" for short, and the advantage is often referred to as X (your cards) : y (your opponent's card).

There are multiple forms of Advantage.

As an example of Advantage, see the following card; Skeleton Vice.

4 Skeleton Vice
Darkness Darkness.png / Spell

■ Your opponent discards 2 cards at random from his hand.

  • 1) You cast Skeleton Vice
  • 2) Your opponent discards 2 cards from his hand.
  • 3) You used 1 card, and your opponent lost 2 cards, so there is a 1:2 advantage.

As a result, if you gain a larger difference than your opponent, you can claim that "advantage was taken". In order to win games, you often wish to take as many possible actions to obtain advantage over your opponent, with cards that have powerful Come Into Play abilities which can exchange an advantage rate of 1:2 or better often ranked highly in the metagame.

How often and how quickly a player can gain an advantage is the key to deciding most games.

  • Losing advantage over your opponent is known as disadvantage.
  • Depending on the situation, even if you have a large number of cards over your opponent, you may not actually have advantage, if the cards are unusable (either by a limited number of cards in your mana zone, or your opponents effects preventing them from being cast or summoned).
  • Reset is the ability to return the advantage of a specific zone (usually the battle zone) back to 0, affecting the player with the advantage quite negatively.
  • Cards of this nature that cause too much advantage are often put into the Hall of Fame. This can be seen in Draw Source, Mana Acceleration and Card Discard.