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Active Player
(Akutibu Pureiyā)
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Active Player is the player currently taking their turn.


During your turn, you become the active player. If its your opponent's turn, you are the non-active player.

When the ability of multiple cards trigger at the same time, they resolve in progress, starting with the active player.

In the official Q&A on the Duel Masters Official Homepage, it was referred to as "that turns player", and the non-active player as "the other player". "Turn player" and "non-Turn player" were later seen.

  • In the Duel Masters General Game Rules released in July 2015, it is written as "turn player" and "non turn player".
  • Some results of battle can differ depending on the active player, such as the results of a battle between Death March, Reaper Puppeteer and Glenmalt, Dragon Edge.