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Activated Ability
起動型能力きどうがたのうりょく (Kidō-gata Nōryoku)
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Activated Abilities are abilities that can be triggered by paying a predetermined cost (also known as an "Activation Cost").


Triggering an effect at a specific time is similar to a Trigger Ability, however are optional on whether the cost is paid and the activation occurs (Once a Trigger Ability is triggered, it is necessary to resolve even if the effect is arbitrary).

Like trigger abilities, the activated ability doesn't create an effect until the activation is completed and the ability is resolved.

If the source of the activated ability has left the original game zone before the ability has resolved, it is still resolved even if it is moved between zones. For example, if the ability of Rikabu's Screwdriver is used while your opponent has a Necrodragon Zanjibar in the battle zone.

  • In this case, after the tap ability is used, the power is immediately calculated, and Rikabu's Screwdriver is instantly destroyed. However, the creature that has "blocker" is still destroyed.

Although the effect sometimes requires cost, the ability to create that effect isn't treated as an activated ability unless it fits the above the above format. The activation cost is the cost for creating the effect, not the effect of the card itself.

Abilities that trigger when a creature attacks can't be used when attacks are restricted.

They can only be activated from creatures in the battle zone unless specifically mentioned otherwise.

Refer to "Activation" to see how the "Activation Cost" is handled.

  • "When you are able to" is the most basic form of activated ability. If it's s trigger ability, it would become a situation trigger and become an infinite loop that first does not contain the moving of itself. A portion of abilities that work in the hand are activated abilities, starting with Bio K as an example, among others.
  • There are very few activated abilities in comparison to other abilities, and are mostly designed as a trigger ability that has a cost.

List of Activated Abilities

Effects and Abilities




From the Duel Masters - General Game Rules: Version 1.28 (April 8, 2022)

  • 602. Activated Ability
    • 602.1. Activated abilities have a condition and an effect. An effect is produced only if the condition is fulfilled. Abilities such as Silent Skill and Dynamo are activated abilities.
    • 602.2. Activation of abilities and effects of abilities themselves are separate and independent events. Several activation conditions The case allows you to replace a specific situation, but even in such cases even the ability to activate is replaced It does not mean that the effect itself is something replaced.
    • 602.3. A player can’t begin to activate an ability that’s prohibited from being activated.
      • 602.3a Abilities that can be activated instead of attacking (such as Tap Ability) can't activated if the creature isn't able to attack (due to summoning sickness or another effect preventing attacks).

From the Duel Masters - General Game Rules: Version 1.28 (April 8, 2022)

  • 602. 起動型能力の扱い
    • 602.1. 起動型能力は, 起動するための条件を実行することによって効果を得ることのできる能力です.条件を実行することなく効果を得ることはできません.この種の能力にはタップ能力, サイレントスキル, ダイナモなどがあります.
    • 602.2. 能力の起動と能力の効果自体はそれぞれ独立した別のイベントです.いくつかの起動条件は特定の状況を置換することを認めていますが, そのような場合でも能力の起動までが置換された内容であり, 能力の効果自体は何かを置換しているわけではありません.
    • 602.3. プレイヤーは, 起動が禁止されている能力を起動し始めることはできません.
      • 602.3a 攻撃ができるときに使用できる能力(例:タップ能力)は, 召喚酔いや何らかの効果などによって攻撃ができない状態になっている場合使用できません.