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能力のうりょく (Nōryoku Go)
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An Ability Word is a word that groups together and reminds players of cards with abilities that have a common functionality and don't imply any particular rules.


It is used as a naming convention to group like things together that cannot be keyworded.

While they are abilities that are named on cards (in comparison to things such as Mana Acceleration or Reanimate which are not) they differ to keywords in a slight way.

As they are only used to group similar abilities or triggers together, they don't have any associated rules text, and cant be referred to by other cards or abilities.

When this card is put into your graveyard, if just before it was put in your graveyard it was under one of your evolution creatures

Some ability words are also limited to only have 1 card with the ability, such as Mega Meteorburn 6 with Supernova Betelgeuse Final Cannon or Ultra Shield Plus with Milzam, Miracles Elemental.

List of Ability Words