4 or more of this card in your deck
(4 Mai Ijō Dekki Ni Ireru Koto Ga Dekiru)
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Category: Rat Ability

4 or more of this card in your deck is an ability that first appeared in DMR-12 Episode 3: Omega Climax.


It breaks the basic rule of deck construction in Duel Masters that only allows you to put up to 4 copies of a single card name into your deck.

3 Chorochu, Forty Body
Fire / Creature
Outrage MAX


■ You may have 4 or more of this card in your deck.

■ For each of your other Cholochu, Forty Body in the battle zone, this creature gets "Power attacker +2000".

■ While this creature has power 6000 or more, it gets "Double breaker".

All cards with this ability are monocolored and are creatures.

While originally seen as exclusive to the Outrage race, this ability was seen on the Guerrilla Division name category of creatures in DMR-16極 and DMR-16真.

The text on Wanwanwan, Wankorage and the Guerrilla Division creatures was changed to specifically mention their own card name, but this was returned to the "this card" text with O.HA.NA.P.

Using decks with a huge concentration of this type of creature often results in a mass board and mana wipe by a card such as The Grave of Angels and Demons that destroys cards based on their card name.

List of cards that can have 4 or more copies in a deck

J Jokers

Light Light

Water Water

Darkness Darkness

Fire Fire

Nature Nature


  • Due to it first appearing on a mouse card, as well as being based on Relentless Rats from Magic: The Gathering, it is sometimes known as "Rat Ability".
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