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3D Dragsolution
3Dスリーディー龍解りゅうかい (3D Ryūkai)
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3D Dragsolution is a term used for a series of 10 Dragheart cards released in DMX-18 Triple Shifter! Dragsolution Allstars.


Unlike other Dragheart cards that have the Dragsolution ability with only 2 sides (Weapon/Creature, or Fortress/Creature) these cards have 3 possible sides and card positions.

The cards go from Dragheart Weapon > Dragheart Fortress > Dragheart Creature.

DMX-18 featured 10 of these 3D Dragsolution cards, as well as multiple cards (such as Glory Snow or Franz the 1st, the Ice Fang) referring to them in Flavor Text.

Civilization(s): Dragheart Weapon: Dragheart Fortress: Dragheart Creature:
Javeleon, Beast Lance Leosaiyu, Beast Cathedral Leo the World, Zenith Heavenly Saint
Ravuerite, Sun Spear Blanc Noir, White Nights Church Soleil Noir, Solar Eclipse Dragon Elemental
Fanbai, Dragon Flower Fan Tonnanshape, Dragon Pulse Sky Ship Daisushidora, Nitrous Sky Ship
Dragment Launcher, Three-Dimensional Weapon Eucleidesu, Dragment Fighter Ad Euclid, Dragment Symbol
Hellfuezu, Purgatory Blade Hell Crime, Purgatory Palace Hellsekai, Great Massacre
Migawari, Nightmare Manji Karakurigaeshi, Ninja Mansion Utsusemihenge, Blame Demon Dragon
Batorai Edge, Blazing Sword Batorai Keep, Blazing Castle Batorai Bushin, Blazing Deluxe
Meriken Hulk, Blooded Nail Bulk Arena, Passionate Duel Castle Valkyrie Mega Macho, Passionate Dragon
Boaroaxe, Evil Tomahawk Boaropagos, Evil Emperor Ruins Verokiboaros, Ga Ga Ga
Jurapil, Egg Hammer Le=Piraju, Birth Mystery Juran Kuruga, Growthkind

The Dragheart Weapon to Dragheart Fortress conversion is known as "2D Dragsolution".

Card Specifications

They are 3 times larger than a regular card and are the first cards in card game history of their own design. At first they appear like a regular sized card, but as they Dragsolution their size becomes larger. They do not get featured in special expansions and Theme Decks due to their product nature.

Due to their shape, there are currently no card sleeves that can contain them which makes them troublesome to players. Players often place then in a 90x205mm OPP bag, or use 3 side-loading sleeves to contain them. It is not recommended to separate them into 3 cards as it destroys the card.

In order to 2D Dragsolution a card, open the right side of the Weapon. In order to 3D Dragsolution a fortress, spread the card on the left and flip it.

Do not flip a 3D Dragsolution card in the reverse direction from where it is supposed to flip as the illustration of the card will shed as the cards are only connected by the illustration of the creature side. When this happens in a duel the duel stops, so watch out when you want to look at your opponent's 3D dragheart cards.

They are thicker than regular cards and the foil is thin. The 3 cards that were used for the Dragheart Weapon side and the Dragheart Fortress side have no foil.

Due to its frailty, a hard case is recommended to be used if one wants to play the 2D and 3D sides of the card. The fortress is of B7 size paper while the creature side is of B6 size paper.

In DMX-22 Super Black Box Pack, Verokiboaros, Ga Ga Ga is reprinted as a shock feature and is split into 3 parts which are packaged randomly and separately. Despite it is split into 3 parts, the player must have all 3 parts before he or she can use it in play, as the 3 parts are considered 1 card. This is difficult to complete as 1 box may not contain all 3 of the parts, even the player has got the foil Boaroaxe, Evil Tomahawk part.