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2 Block Constructed
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2 Block Constructed is a regulation format introduced with the release of DMRP-05 Gokai!! Joragon Go Fight!!.


It is similar to the previously introduced Block Constructed format where only 1 block of sets may be used in your deck.

The Hall of Fame is the same as unlimited formats. Therefore, Niyare Get, Zero Trick is still only usable in 1 copy and Jack, Bei B cannot be used. However, it might have its Hall of Fame in the future.

However, this format instead allows 2 different blocks of sets.

As of this formats introduction with DMRP-05, this includes any sets in the Duel Masters and Twinpact Series blocks, as well as any other side products (such as decks or extra packs) or promotional cards with the appropriate Block Icon.

DM and Twinpact

Duel Masters DM.png

Twinpact Series Twin.png

Twinpact and Gacharange

Twinpact Series Twin.png

Gacharange Series GR.png

Gacharange and Ten Kings

Gacharange Series GR.png

Ten Kings TK.png


(This section refers to the Duel Masters (2017) + Twinpact blocks.)


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