*/ Sandronia, Nigen /*
Civilization: WaterWater.png
Card Type: Orega Aura
Mana Cost: 3
Subtypes: Tricks / Deletron
English Text: ■ When you attach this to a creature, draw 3 cards. Then put 2 cards from your hand on the bottom of your deck in any order.
Orega Aura: Attach this to one of your gacharange creatures, or gacharange summon and attach this to it. If that creature leaves the battle zone, this goes to the same zone, then the gacharange creature returns to the bottom of your super gacharange.
Japanese Text: ■ これをクリーチャーに付けた時、カードを3枚引く。その後、自分の手札を2枚、好きな順序で自分の山札の一番下に置く。
Flavor Text: 水マスターの兄の研究がついに完成した。ドラゴンのデータを取り込むことで、ア・ストラ・ゼーレをもしのぐ電脳生命体、Code:1059が誕生したのだ。(DMRP-11)
Mana: 1
Illustrator: kyo
Sets and Rarity:
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