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|Name = DM-02 Evo-Crushinators of Doom

|Image = [[file:dm-02 pack (nature).jpg|160px]]

|Gallery = [[DM-02 Evo-Crushinators of Doom Gallery (TCG)|DM-02 Card Set Gallery (TCG)]]

|Release = May 7th, 2004 

|Next = [[DM-03 Rampage of the Super Warriors]] 

|Previous = [[DM-01 Base Set]]

|Symbol = [[file:Dm02symbol.gif]]


'''Evo-Crushinators of Doom''' is the 2nd [[booster pack]] in the [[TCG]].


It was released with [[Shobu's Fire Deck]] and [[Kokujo's Darkness Deck]] and contains 60 cards.

In the [[TCG]], there are 5 artworks for the booster pack.

These artworks consist of;

*[[Ladia Bale, the Inspirational]]

*[[Crystal Lancer]]

*[[General Dark Fiend]]

*[[Bolzard Dragon]]

*[[Barkwhip, the Smasher]]

This set has an [[OCG]] equivalent, [[DM-02 Master of Evolution]].


This set introduces the following keyword;


{{Keyword Reminder|'''Evolution'''—Put on one of your creatures.}}


*S1/S5 [[Ladia Bale, the Inspirational]]

*S2/S5 [[Crystal Paladin]]

*S3/S5 [[Ultracide Worm]]

*S4/S5 [[Armored Blaster Valdios]]

*S5/S5 [[Fighter Dual Fang]]

*1/55 [[Diamond Cutter]]

*2/55 [[Ethel, Star Sea Elemental]]

*3/55 [[Fonch, the Oracle]]

*4/55 [[Laguna, Lightning Enforcer]]

*5/55 [[Larba Geer, the Immaculate]]

*6/55 [[Logic Cube]]

*7/55 [[Magris, Vizier of Magnetism]]

*8/55 [[Phal Eega, Dawn Guardian]]

*9/55 [[Reso Pacos, Clear Sky Guardian]]

*10/55 [[Spiral Grass]]

*11/55 [[Wyn, the Oracle]]

*12/55 [[Aqua Bouncer]]

*13/55 [[Aqua Shooter]]

*14/55 [[Corile]]

*15/55 [[Crystal Lancer]]

*16/55 [[Hypersquid Walter]]

*17/55 [[King Nautilus]]

*18/55 [[Plasma Chaser]]

*19/55 [[Recon Operation]]

*20/55 [[Scissor Eye]]

*21/55 [[Stained Glass]]

*22/55 [[Thought Probe]]                       

*23/55 [[Amber Piercer]]

*24/55 [[Chaos Worm]]

*25/55 [[Critical Blade]]

*26/55 [[Dark Titan Maginn]]

*27/55 [[General Dark Fiend]]

*28/55 [[Gigastand]]

*29/55 [[Gray Balloon, Shadow of Greed]]

*30/55 [[Horrid Worm]]

*31/55 [[Lost Soul]]

*32/55 [[Marrow Ooze, the Twister]]

*33/55 [[Poison Worm]]

*34/55 [[Armored Cannon Balbaro]]

*35/55 [[Bolzard Dragon]]

*36/55 [[Bombersaur]]

*37/55 [[Burst Shot]]

*38/55 [[Cavalry General Curatops]]

*39/55 [[Dogarn, the Marauder]]

*40/55 [[Engineer Kipo]]

*41/55 [[Galsaur]]

*42/55 [[Metalwing Skyterror]]

*43/55 [[Mini Titan Gett]]

*44/55 [[Rumble Gate]]

*45/55 [[Barkwhip, the Smasher]]

*46/55 [[Elf-X]]

*47/55 [[Essence Elf]]

*48/55 [[Fortress Shell]]

*49/55 [[Leaping Tornado Horn]]

*50/55 [[Mana Crisis]]

*51/55 [[Rainbow Stone]]

*52/55 [[Rumbling Terahorn]]

*53/55 [[Silver Axe]]

*54/55 [[Silver Fist]]

*55/55 [[Xeno Mantis]]


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